ArlingtonFour column hydraulic lifting platformScope

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Due to the fact that the power unit of the hydraulic lifting platform requires an oil source, its structure is relatively complex, and it also has a certain degree of pollution and impact on the environment. The speed of the moving device is relatively fast, making it difficult to meet the design requirements for speed. The structure of the electric rod is very simple, occupies small space, but does not have a price advantage. Therefore, The DC motor is directly transmitted to other mechanical devices through a reducer for deceleration.

Everyone knows that construction elevators are used during the construction process because they have stability, are sturdy and reliable during use, and are widely used in the field of high-rise buildings due to their small size and other advantages.

Arlington.When using an electric lifting platform, there are many details that need to be noted, such as placing it on a flat surface during use to prevent tipping during work. In addition, what are the precautions for using electric lifting platforms?

When conducting high-altitude operations on dangerous edges such as roofs, suspension bridges,ArlingtonHydraulic lifting platform 100t, slopes, or cliffs, guardrails or safety nets should be installed on the side facing the air, or safety belts or ropes should be used.

.If there are problems inside the elevator and electrical professionals are present, any components of the hydraulic system should be disassembled and repaired in a completely depressurized condition.

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Because hydraulic elevators have the function of automatic and flexible lifting, such as the ability to use hydraulic drive, which makes it easy to maintain their lifting speed. This is also determined by the reliability or durability of hydraulic methods. Of course it also has no blind spots and is sturdy and reliable during normal use. The important thing is that the possibility of compression and collision resistance is relatively small,ArlingtonHydraulic lifting platform fixed hydraulic platform, so it is very convenient to use, and it is beautiful and durable. Among them, its guidance is relatively good, with the characteristics of flexibility, reliability, and collision resistance.

ArlingtonFour column hydraulic lifting platformScope

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Of course, the hydraulic lifting platform uses a dual protection structure, which can make the work relatively safer. When lifting an appropriate working surface can be selected, so that maintenance and debugging can be carried out before leaving the factory. At the same time, it can also ensure that all technical indicators can meet the design requirements, but it is necessary to connect the ground wire during use. Of course, the hydraulic electrical system does not need to be adjusted in this situation.

The current fixed hydraulic elevators are mainly enclosed or meshed lifting channels surrounded by buildings and light steel structures, and use hydraulic cylinders to lift the platform. Its main components are as follows: the lifting passage part: a closed or mesh frame surrounded by buildings or light steel structures, a fixed hydraulic lifting platform with steel guide rails installed on both sides of the internal driving part: it is equipped with hydraulic driving motors, oil pumps, safety valves, fixed hydraulic lifting platform speed control valves The small oil tank cylinder part of hydraulic components such as directional valves: composed of one or more cylinders of a lifting cylinder, a straight top platform or a lifting shear fork frame, forming a door system. The closed or mesh platform door or door system consists of a steel structure, with manual and automatic doors. Generally, open platforms do not have doors. The electrical part is composed of power, signal, safety, lighting, and other devices. The platform part is a steel structure platform that carries heavy objects, There are enclosed (i.e. cabin type) or open types, with guide rollers or guide shoes on both sides. The platform bottom can be connected to the lifting cylinder or lifting scissor type steel frame auxiliary parts, which are composed of hydraulic pipe fittings, pipelines pressure gauges, and steel structure bases; Safety devices: safety valves, limit limits,ArlingtonFully self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform, door electromechanical interlocking, rupture valves, emergency switches, and electrical short circuit protection.

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When using the elevator, we should listen for any abnormal noise. If there is any abnormal noise, we should immediately stop using it to avoid serious damage to the elevator.

The following is a brief description of the precautions for using high-altitude work platforms: high-altitude workers must hold a health certificate. Individuals with mental illness, hypertension, or mental illness are not allowed to engage in high-altitude work tasks. Staff are not allowed to engage in high-altitude work while drinking alcohol or feeling mentally drained.

ArlingtonFour column hydraulic lifting platformScope

There are many types of materials that manufacturers can use in the manufacturing process of the same lifting equipment, but the lifting equipment manufactured from different materials will also be different. The material used by manufacturers in the manufacturing process of aluminum alloy elevators is aluminum alloy with very high strength. It should be noted that this type of material itself has many advantages, so the sales of the elevator equipment made in the market are also considerable. Of course, for many people, the reason why they choose this type of lifting equipment is also closely related to its marketing highlights.

Promotion.When using the elevator, we should listen for any abnormal noise. If there is any abnormal noise we should immediately stop using it to avoid serious damage to the elevator.

When using an electric lifting platform, there are many details that need to be noted, what are the precautions for using electric lifting platforms?

Outdoor elevators and factory cargo elevators are heavy lifting mechanical equipment. Outdoor elevators are used for transporting goods between floors of buildings, and are specialized hydraulic cargo elevator products. They are mainly used for transporting goods up and down between various working floors; Vertical garage and car lift between garage floors. The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with anti fall and overload protection devices, and operation buttons can be set on each floor and lifting platform workbench to achieve multi-point operation.

Arlington.Shafts must have split pins and be sufficient.

The reduction gearbox, gearbox, external gear teeth, as well as the hydraulic oil, are all carried out according to the requirements in the table.

When we use hydraulic elevators in our daily lives, we need to regularly inspect and maintain them. This not only extends the lifespan of the hydraulic elevators, but also allows them to exert greater power in their work. For example, the transmission part requires sufficient oil, and consuming components must be regularly inspected, maintained, or replaced. Mechanical bolts, especially those that frequently vibrate, such as rotating supports and lifting arm connecting bolts, must be tightened or replaced immediately when they become loose. Next, the editor will introduce how hydraulic elevators should be maintained.