Pirkari sleskydock levelers Pre-sale plan process

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A one line boarding bridge suitable for special heavy-duty vehicles in special situations. If all the wheels of any multi axle vehicle are rigidly suspended on the frame of the trailer, it cannot be guaranteed that all the wheels will be suspended from the ground at the same time when driving on harsh roads, two axle boarding bridge can ensure that all wheels have good contact with the road surface when driving on harsh road conditions, thereby reducing accidents such as vehicle body and improving vehicle driving smoothness and handling stability. The self steering boarding bridge is designed based on the principle of adjusting and stabilizing steering according to different loads. The hydraulic boarding axle beam and the steering pin fluctuation pressure bearing are connected together. When the vehicle is traveling in a straight line, the mass of the vehicle itself causes the upper and lower wavy pressure plates to mesh closely with each other, thereby maintaining the straight running state of the wheels. Whenever a semi trailer turns, the wavy tooth surface of the pressure bearing is misaligned, raising the axle beam and causing the wheels to automatically turn. The frictional resistance between the two pressure blocks also needs to undergo corresponding changes depending on the load on the boarding bridge. In addition, according to different loads, the steering angle limiter can automatically increase the steering angle. At the same time, the steering tie rod also causes the instantaneous center of rotation of two wheels to coincide. The anti slip device of the boarding bridge is welded with steel plates, which can effectively achieve anti slip function,Pirkari slesky10 ton mobile boarding bridge, safe and reliable. Anti collision blocks can effectively protect buildings and boarding bridges from damage. It is made of highly resistant reinforced rubber. The four outer corners of the anti-collision block are all arc-shaped and all bolt holes are deeply embedded inside. Bolt hole size is Ф The anchor bolt mounting bridge for M20 assembly is composed of a mechanical system, a hydraulic system,Pirkari sleskyForklift boarding bridge, and an electrical system. The platform and chassis form a mechanical system. Elevating the platform to; U” Shaped steel as the skeleton, with light self weight and large bearing capacity; The countertop is made of anti slip patterned steel plates and has a high load-bearing capacity; The countertop is made of anti slip patterned steel plates, and can withstand a speed of 10 kilometers/hour when the forklift is fully loaded without bending, improving work reliability.

Adopting anti slip patterned steel plates, the platform has good anti slip performance.

Pirkari slesky.The guide sleeve has air holes, sand holes, shrinkage, and other conditions. Generally, there is a problem with the casting, which is the quality of the oil cylinder itself. At this time,Pirkari sleskyBoarding bridge type boarding bridge, it is necessary to find a manufacturer to replace the new boarding bridge. Normally, this situation does not occur in the casting oil cylinder. The above two reasons are due to the occurrence of excessive oil leakage, and frequent inspections should be conducted in these two areas. Hydraulic loading and unloading bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment that maintains rapid loading and unloading of goods during the application process. The height adjustment function of the equipment makes the bridge in the middle of the truck guide sufficient to be built. Lifting platforms, trucks, and hydraulic loading and unloading bridges are commonly used cargo loading and unloading equipment.

Product features: Fully hydraulic drive easy to operate and reliable to operate.

.The use of imported seals ensures excellent sealing performance of the hydraulic system.

Adopting imported integrated modular hydraulic station, with good sealing performance and long service life.

There is a support rod that ensures the safety of maintenance personnel entering the interior of the boarding bridge for maintenance.

Pirkari sleskydock levelers Pre-sale plan process

Afterwards, before the operation of the equipment (shè bè i), check the condition of the rotating support gear (Gear), and immediately handle any abnormalities (ch ǔ l ǐ). Professional boarding bridge factory quality assurance, professional company, timely supply, high cost-effectiveness has become the preferred brand for many wire products, welcome to purchase!

Anti collision block: This device can effectively protect buildings and boarding bridges from damage.

It mainly includes the strong wind load acting on the structure, the lateral force caused by the inclined operation of the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge when lifting the channel, the horizontal load on the structure caused by suspended objects under wind load, the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge, as well as temperature load, technical load, and ice and snow load. The special load of fixed hydraulic boarding bridge refers to the large load that may be encountered by the lifting equipment during non operational conditions, or the occasional unfavorable load encountered during operational conditions. This load is encountered in both hydraulic lifting channels and fixed hydraulic climbing bridge lifting channels.

Development Curriculum.Afterwards, before the operation of the equipment (shè bè i), inspect the condition of the rotating grease (grease), check the condition of the rotating support gear (Gear), and immediately handle any abnormalities (ch ǔ l ǐ). Professional boarding bridge factory quality assurance, professional company, timely supply, high cost-effectiveness, has become the preferred brand for many wire products, welcome to purchase!

Assuming that the manufacturing quality of fixed hydraulic boarding bridges is not satisfactory, before using the hydraulic boarding axle, it is also necessary to check if there is any oil in the reducer abnormal noise, and excessive temperature rise in the housing. If there is any oil leakage, it is necessary to check the oil level in the housing, and add oil. If there is any abnormal noise or rapid temperature rise, repair it in a timely manner

Pirkari sleskydock levelers Pre-sale plan process

The following is a brief introduction to the storage of hydraulic oil in fixed hydraulic boarding bridges for a wide range of users: when stopping the hydraulic oil drum and filling, it is necessary to achieve three passes and pass when receiving oil; Filtering during barrel rotation: When refueling the equipment, it is too cold to ensure the cleanliness of the bucket mouth, oil injection port, oil barrel, etc., to prevent impurities from entering the oil port and forming hydraulic oil purification.

Quality improvement.The fixed hydraulic boarding bridge has three fundamental elements: purification, overheating, and air intake. There is a close internal connection between these three unfavorable factors, and any one of them will result in one or more achievements. Theoretical proof shows that 75% of the reasons for fixed hydraulic boarding bridges are caused by these three factors.

Vibration acoustic method: Vibration acoustic instruments detect the vibration and noise of hydraulic systems and identify the wear (a basic type of component failure) and technical status of hydraulic components according to the laws of vibration acoustics. Based on this, diagnose the cause, location, degree, nature, and development trend of faults. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the logistics industry, the demand for logistics equipment is becoming increasingly weak, and auxiliary improvements such as fixed hydraulic boarding bridges and fixed lifting channels, as well as the increase in loading and unloading equipment usage, have been made. Some manufacturers have now achieved export to foreign countries!

Firstly, before using the equipment (shè bè i), it is necessary to check whether there is water accumulation in the points, and then confirm whether the fasteners are damaged or loose. If a fault is detected, necessary repairs and replacements need to be carried out. Check all control devices (zhu ā ng zhì) Whether the operation is normal, whether the switch and governor are in good condition, whether the movement and working speed are stable, it is necessary to operate it in a safe manner. Unfamiliar personnel should not do so. During the operation, do not stand bystanders around. Be sure to carry the load according to the rated load, and do not overload or deviate. The rated load of the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge specified by the manufacturer is the total weight of the loaded goods and forklifts, not the weight of the goods alone. This is something that customers and friends should know. If there is detachment or deformation of the boarding bridge, please do not use it to avoid serious accidents. The boarding bridge is mainly an auxiliary device for loading and unloading goods, which greatly improves the loading and unloading power (referring to the amount of work done by objects in a unit of time), and is something that logistics companies (Company) cannot do less. If the power of the boarding bridge operation (zuò yì) is to be durable, no problems can appear during the operation. Perhaps the problems can be dealt with in a timely manner. Regarding identifying the cause of the hydraulic system problem of the boarding bridge, It is beneficial for us to use the boarding bridge correctly and provide homework

The equipped brake pads can effectively prevent the shifting of the boarding bridge during truck loading and unloading.

Regarding the year-end maintenance of the boarding bridge, check all hydraulic pipelines and joints to ensure that they are not damaged or loose. All joints must be tightened; Discard all hydraulic oil and replace it with new oil to avoid continuing to use old oil. Otherwise, the moving components in the system will accelerate wear and tear. Remove and disassemble the lowering valve, blow out the plunger with compressed air and then reinstall it. To use a fixed hydraulic boarding bridge, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of its basic knowledge. Below, Jinan Zhongding Elevator will analyze it for everyone: To operate a fixed hydraulic boarding bridge, first open the rear door of the truck, fix it on both sides of the carriage, and then reverse the truck to the front of the platform until it meets the anti-collision rubber blocks on both sides of the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge. Then, brake the truck. Turn on the power switch on the electric control box, and the professional boarding bridge factory has stable safe, reliable, and can achieve maintenance free performance. The technical level has reached the domestic level and the international advanced level of similar products