FerraraHydraulic boarding bridge mobile typeEconomic operation

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There is a lot of noise generated when using a mobile hydraulic boarding bridge. So, where are these noises caused? In fact, pump stations, steel cylinders, and steel equipment are all sources of noise. Today we will analyze for you: 1. The boarding bridge is already a very visible structural form in modern logistics sites. It is the point and endpoint of the enterprise logistics chain, and a loading and unloading operation platform for enterprises to quickly and safely turnover products and goods. The height of the loading and unloading operation platform is fixed, but there is always a certain height difference or gap between the transportation vehicles and the loading and unloading platform due to the height of the carriage. Causing the forklift to be unable to enter and exit the transportation vehicle for direct loading and unloading of goods. Use the boarding bridge to provide reliable connections. Enable forklift trucks to safely and quickly enter and exit transportation vehicles for loading and unloading operations. After hearing the noise from the hydraulic boarding bridge, first check if there are any problems with the hydraulic pump station, motor valve, and fixing device, and if the noise is caused by its vibration.

The correct operation of the hydraulic boarding bridge is good maintenance,FerraraPlatform boarding bridge, and how to operate it correctly. Let me briefly introduce the operating steps of the hydraulic boarding bridge, hoping to bring more help to everyone.

Ferrara.The boarding bridge can be divided into two forms: a mobile boarding bridge and a fixed boarding bridge. A brief introduction to the application scope of a fixed boarding bridge and the use of a mobile boarding bridge: used for on-site vehicles without loading and unloading platforms or places that require mobile loading and unloading of goods. If there is no loading and unloading platform vehicle at the logistics site, as a remedial measure, the mobile boarding bridge is incorrect

The safety valve of the mobile hydraulic boarding bridge can also generate high noise. When air is mixed into hydraulic oil, the relief valve gets stuck or severely worn, and the fatigue deformation of the relief valve spring leads to unstable pressure regulation of the relief valve. The pressure release time of the relief valve is too short, which can easily lead to local stability of the pilot valve performance of the relief valve. Noise is generated by the vibration of the pilot valve's air. Therefore we should regularly clean the safety valve, and replace it if it is damaged or severely worn.

.The pressure on the axle will reduce the service life of the boarding axle.

During excavation, if unidentifiable items or unforeseeable situations are found, the operation should be stopped in a timely manner and reported to the person in charge of the hydraulic boarding bridge for handling. The fixed boarding bridge is an auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading in conjunction with the storage platform. This equipment is integrated with the platform and can be adjusted up or down according to the different heights of the truck carriage, making it convenient for forklifts to enter the carriage. The equipment adopts an imported hydraulic pump station with anti rolling skirts on both sides, making work safer and improving work efficiency.

The hydraulic boarding bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment for achieving rapid loading and unloading of goods, and is our good helper. However, malfunctions during use are inevitable. What should we do when encountering a malfunction?

FerraraHydraulic boarding bridge mobile typeEconomic operation

The hydraulic boarding bridge not only reduces labor intensity, but also doubles the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, and achieves significant economic benefits. Hydraulic loading and unloading bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function allows a bridge to be built between the truck and the cargo platform in the warehouse. Forklifts and other transport vehicles can directly enter the truck for batch loading and unloading of goods also known as loading and unloading platforms.

Applicable scenarios: municipal road engineering inspection, street lamp maintenance, branch construction, signboard maintenance, the lowering valve is not tightly sealed, and the oil cylinder is leaking. Solution: Check the one-way valve in the valve group. If dirt is found on the sealing surface of a single valve, clean the one-way valve. Check if the lowering valve has power. If there is power, troubleshoot the lowering valve itself or replace the lowering valve. The slide valve of the lowering valve must be kept clean and move flexibly.

Portable hydraulic press boarding bridge: It is a widely used type, suitable for places where loading, unloading, and transportation are not fixed or moving; Mobile hydraulic press boarding bridge: suitable for fixed and immovable goods such as ports, cargo platforms, warehouses,FerraraMobile hydraulic boarding bridge, etc

Reason for the lifting table not lowering: The lowering valve is malfunctioning, and the lowering speed valve is out of adjustment. Solution: When pressing the lowering button, check if the lowering valve is energized. If there is no electricity, try to eliminate it; If there is electricity, troubleshoot the lowering valve itself or replace the lowering valve. The lowering valve should be kept clean.

FerraraHydraulic boarding bridge mobile typeEconomic operation

Do you know some of the working characteristics of hydraulic lifting boarding bridges? Today, I will take you to understand!

Where can I find it?.Open the manual valve,FerraraRetractable boarding bridge, slowly lower the boarding bridge, and secure more than 90% of the lip plates at the bottom of the container.

(5) Each mechanism in the elevator should be checked for normal operation and any noise or other malfunctions. If any, and if any, they should be promptly wrapped or replaced with new ones.

Open planning before placement makes it easy to clean up clutter.

Ferrara.There are three movable boards on both sides of the air conditioning board, which can effectively prevent the adjustment board from falling down and keep the pressure foot in a safe state.

When replacing hydraulic oil, sometimes poor hydraulic oil can also cause noise on the hydraulic boarding bridge, as well as noise when the pump station enters the air.

Open planning before placement makes it easy to clean up clutter.