Pirkari sleskyLifting hydraulic mobile boarding bridgeOrganizational Strengthening Features

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Pirkari sleskyContainer truck boarding bridge,

  2. The platform side boarding bridge is directly installed at the front edge of the loading and unloading platform. There is no need to excavate or reserve pits on the loading and unloading operation platform, and there is basically no change to the building structure. During construction, the factors of loading and unloading operations were not taken into account. The platform type loading and unloading bridge serves as a remedial solution and can also meet the requirements for loading and unloading operations into truck carriages. The platform type boarding bridge is also designed in various structural forms according to different on-site conditions. It can also be adjusted up (below the cargo platform) or down (below the cargo platform) within a certain range, which can meet the installation and use of most loading and unloading platforms.

Activate the up button. When the board reaches a high height, release the up button and the panel will automatically descend until it connects with the carriage. Once confirmed, the operation can begin. After waiting for the homework to be completed, press the up button to drive the vehicle away. Release the button panel and it will automatically descend to its original state, parallel to the cargo platform.

Pirkari slesky.The fixed boarding bridge of the service platform is immediately installed on the outer edge of the unloaded service platform during the entire installation process. When applied, there is no need to excavate or pre bury the indoor space of tunnel construction on the loading and unloading platform, and most of the buildings do not need to be modified in terms of structure.

The fixed hydraulic loading and unloading bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function allows a bridge to be built between the truck and the cargo platform in the warehouse. Forklifts and other transport vehicles can directly enter the truck for batch loading and unloading of goods, and only one person can work to achieve fast loading and unloading of goods. Boarding bridges reduces a large amount of labor for enterprises, improves work efficiency,Pirkari sleskyHydraulic boarding bridge mobile type, and achieves greater economic benefits.

.A tractable mobile boarding bridge is a type of mobile boarding bridge that can be towed by forklifts, the universal wheels can be rotated to the lower end and a traction rod can be installed etc. It is developed by combining the technology of flat trailer traction frames. The front section is equipped with heavy-duty universal wheels and detachable traction rods that can be rotated to both sides. When movement is needed, which can easily and conveniently achieve traction movement.

Install anti rolling foot skirts on both sides to prevent accidental injury to the toe platform.

There is a support rod that ensures the safety of maintenance personnel entering the interior of the boarding bridge for maintenance.

Pirkari sleskyLifting hydraulic mobile boarding bridgeOrganizational Strengthening Features


Once again, whether the site selection pit design, and installation are in place, as well as whether there is construction, will affect the service life and safety of the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge.

The fixed hydraulic boarding bridge has three fundamental elements: purification, overheating, and air intake. There is a close internal connection between these three unfavorable factors, and any one of them will result in one or more achievements. Theoretical proof shows that 75% of the reasons for fixed hydraulic boarding bridges are caused by these three factors.

Total quality assurance.The rear folding transition plate and forklift traction hook can easily move the boarding bridge. A layer of toothed anti-skid plates or checkered plates is laid on top of the bridge body. The mesh is twisted and hollow, which not only improves the reliability of work, but also prevents the accumulation of grease,Pirkari sleskyForklift mobile boarding bridge, dirt, rainwater, and ice and snow. This equipment is particularly suitable for explosion-proof and flammable places, with manual hydraulic power, without generating sparks and no worries. The power can be configured as: manual hand pump power. Electric power. Ensure that the oil cylinder is processed by iron cutting and rolling. Several maintenance and upkeep items for the fixed boarding bridge: each rotating shaft pin should be maintained regularly to reduce wear and enhance flexibility in use; The use of hydraulic oil should follow the specified model, usually 46 # or 68 #, which should be changed every six months and the oil tank should be cleaned; All rotating parts should be regularly cleaned, and the market should clean the dust, sand, oil, iron blocks, etc. on them. During maintenance, do not use water to clean them directly; Regularly inspect all parts for signs of detachment, welding, or looseness, it should also not be re applied to avoid rust and corrosion. Hydraulic boarding bridges have become an essential loading and unloading equipment in logistics warehousing. What precautions should be taken when using the equipment? Next, the boarding bridge manufacturer - editor will provide a detailed introduction (xiá ng xì)

Product features: Fully hydraulic drive, easy to operate and reliable to operate.

It mainly includes the strong wind load acting on the structure, the lateral force caused by the inclined operation of the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge when lifting the channel, the horizontal load on the structure caused by suspended objects under wind load, the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge, as well as temperature load, technical load, and ice and snow load. The special load of fixed hydraulic boarding bridge refers to the large load that may be encountered by the lifting equipment during non operational conditions or the occasional unfavorable load encountered during operational conditions. This load is encountered in both hydraulic lifting channels and fixed hydraulic climbing bridge lifting channels.

Pirkari sleskyLifting hydraulic mobile boarding bridgeOrganizational Strengthening Features

It is understood that the mobile liquid boarding bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and unloading used in conjunction with forklifts. The mobile liquid loading and unloading bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment used in conjunction with forklifts for cargo loading and unloading. By using artificial hydraulic power, the height adjustment of the boarding bridge can be achieved without the need for external power supply. The adjustable length of the cable chain is used to hook the vehicle, ensuring that the boarding bridge always fits tightly with the vehicle even in case of displacement. The mobile wheel is made of solid tires, which do not require inflation. It is sturdy and durable, combined with brake pads to ensure safe operation.

quality index.Using a hand operated hydraulic pump as power, the height adjustment of the boarding bridge can be achieved without the need for external power supply.

Vibration acoustic method: Vibration acoustic instruments detect the vibration and noise of hydraulic systems, and identify the wear (a basic type of component failure) and technical status of hydraulic components according to the laws of vibration acoustics. Based on this, diagnose the cause, location degree, and development trend of faults. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the logistics industry, the demand for logistics equipment is becoming increasingly weak, and auxiliary improvements such as fixed hydraulic boarding bridges and fixed lifting channels, as well as the increase in loading and unloading equipment usage, have been made. Some manufacturers have now achieved export to foreign countries!

Firstly, before using the equipment (shè bè i), it is necessary to check whether there is water accumulation in the points, and then confirm whether the fasteners are damaged or loose. If a fault is detected, necessary repairs and replacements need to be carried out. Check all control devices (zhu ā ng zhì) Whether the operation is normal, whether the switch and governor are in good condition, whether the movement and working speed are stable, and whether the display is normal

Pirkari slesky.Function: Convenient unloading, strong stability, and low maintenance cost. Suitable for various vehicles on loading and unloading sites and places with relatively busy traffic. Loading and unloading platforms, lifting platforms, and unloading platforms: anti slip device: This device is welded from steel plates, a 20 year old brand with competitive prices and guaranteed quality!

Assuming that the manufacturing quality of fixed hydraulic boarding bridges is not satisfactory, the reasons for their shortcomings are mostly preventive repairs, and there are usually fewer elements of abnormal operation.