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Embedded boarding bridge, as the name suggests, refers to the boarding bridge embedded in the loading and unloading operation platform. The installed boarding bridge main board surface is horizontal with the upper plane of the loading and unloading operation platform. Completely integrated into the platform, it will not affect other operational tasks on the platform without loading and unloading operations. The boarding bridge with this type of structure is widely used and is also a relatively fast boarding auxiliary device. Its design is usually fully standardized as early as the structural design of buildings. We are a long-term manufacturer of boarding bridges. Welcome to inquire

When working on the hydraulic boarding bridge, the support legs must be extended, and the support leg bolts must be adjusted to ensure that the lifting platform is stably stressed on the support legs and kept horizontal; During the lifting process and in the lifting state, the lifting platform must not be moved, and it is strictly prohibited to shake on the lifting platform. If there is an abnormal sound during the operation of the hydraulic boarding bridge, it should be stopped immediately for inspection to avoid causing serious damage to the lifting platform; Before use, check whether the electrical equipment is normal; All shaft pin oil holes must be oiled before each use. Before use,TappolkaCar boarding bridge, it is necessary to perform no-load lifting and check whether the hydraulic system is normal; The load of the workbench should not exceed the rated value, and it should not be subjected to intense manual shaking; The hydraulic oil in the oil tank must be replaced every 500 hours of operation.

Tappolka.The above content mainly shares the importance analysis of regular maintenance of mobile boarding bridges with everyone, hoping that everyone can take it seriously and not overlook it.

Slowly reverse and park the container under the lip at the front of the boarding bridge.

.Tighten the manual valve to close it.

There is a flip plate at the top of the bridge deck, which is placed at the edge of the carriage to ensure a smooth transition between the passage and the carriage. Its advantages are as follows.

Common&quo; Work” Steel structure planning can withstand uniform pressure, reduce skeleton torque, and be more robust than other channel structures.

TappolkaFixed hydraulic boarding bridgeAll employees

Do you know some of the working characteristics of hydraulic lifting boarding bridges? Today, I will take you to understand!

Used for cargo platforms and mobile loading and unloading sites without loading and unloading equipment, it is a cargo loading and unloading auxiliary equipment used in conjunction with forklifts. With the help of hydraulic loading bridges, which can reduce labor intensity, double the efficiency of loading and unloading operations speed up the flow of materials, and obtain greater economic benefits.


Supply chain quality management.Install a 5m high protective railing around the foundation pit of the simple boarding bridge with a distance of no less than 1m from the protective railing to the foundation pit. The mobile boarding bridge only requires a single person to operate,TappolkaFolding boarding bridge, without the need for power supply, and can achieve safe and fast loading and unloading of goods. Mobile boarding bridges are widely used in cargo platforms and mobile loading and unloading sites without loading and unloading equipment. They are auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and unloading that is used in conjunction with forklifts. The sequence of earthwork excavation must comply with design conditions and follow" Trenching support, support first and then excavation, layered excavation, no overbreak&rquote; The principle of.

Operation degree: There are two types of operations that can be used to raise and lower the boarding bridge. One is a manual pump station, which uses manual hydraulic lifting, which is labor-intensive and somewhat labor-intensive. Advantages: It can be operated and used in any situation. Two types of electric pump stations use electric hydraulic lifting and lowering,TappolkaFixed hydraulic boarding bridge, which reduces labor intensity and saves labor. Disadvantage: Once the power is cut off, it will not be able to be used, but now there are both manual and electric boarding bridges that are more convenient to use.

Nowadays, the electric hydraulic boarding bridge has become a loading and unloading tool used by many companies. Compared to many friends, I am still not very familiar with electric hydraulic boarding bridges. Below, the editor will explain the product parameters and specifications related to the length, slope, and height of the electric hydraulic boarding bridge.

TappolkaFixed hydraulic boarding bridgeAll employees


Direct material.As we all know

The outstanding characteristics of air suspension are good smoothness less maintenance, long service life, significant improvement in protection of cargo compared to steel plate suspension, and greatly reduced damage to the entire vehicle and road surface. The leaf spring produces different bending under different loads, so the distance between the whole vehicle and the ground is always changing. If the load is increased while keeping the spring unchanged, it will also reduce the natural frequency of the spring and even change the characteristics of the spring. The air spring is based on the compressibility of air. The air enclosed in the air bag is an element. Different air bag pressures of the air spring system balance different loads. When the height of the air bag is fixed, the distance between the car body and the road surface remains unchanged.

There are three movable boards on both sides of the air conditioning board, which can effectively prevent the adjustment board from falling down and keep the pressure foot in a safe state.

Tappolka.Common&quo; Streamline” Open joint planning, which is placed at the edge of the carriage to ensure a smooth transition between the passage and the carriage. Its advantages are as follows.