JanjalamDry type transformer industry rankingHow to improve production efficiency

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samples shall be selected according to 5% of the number of gasoline barrels

When sampling in bulk gasoline barrels, but not less than 2 barrels. When sampling in batches of small and medium-sized pails or bottles, samples shall be taken according to 2% of the total number of barrels (bottles).

When the transformer is out of phase, if the second phase is blocked, and there is sound when the third phase is sent; If the third phase is blocked, the sound will not change, as in the case of the second phase. There are three reasons for phase deficiency:

Janjalam.This is the example of power consumption engineering as power saving. The key reason is that the habitual calculation method ignores the copper loss.

The whole process of hanging the core of dry-type transformer is more critical, and there are many situations that the hanging core of dry-type transformer must pay special attention to. Therefore, so as to promote the safety of dry-type transformer!

.Under normal conditions, the operation and maintenance management staff shall improve the safety inspection range of the transformer,JanjalamPrice of scbh15 series dry type transformer, and immediately communicate and contact with the on-site project staff in case of any problems, so as to ensure the reliable and stable operation of machinery and equipment.

Caused by sand holes and cracks. For crack leakage drilling stop hole is a good way to remove in-situ stress and prevent widening.

Oil immersed transformer operation

JanjalamDry type transformer industry rankingHow to improve production efficiency

When using the oil sample of the power transformer in operation, it is necessary to add some oil from the oil gate valve at the lower part of the oil tank or the sampling gate valve to release about 2kg of waste liquid stored at the bottom to clean the oil inlet, and then take the oil sample.

How to select dry-type transformer

When the power transformer operates at full load, it needs a large reactive load. This reactive load shall be provided by the power supply and distribution system. If the transformer volume is too large, it will not only increase the initial project investment, but also make the transformer operate at full load or load for a long time, expand the proportion of full load loss reduce power factor and increase Internet loss. Such operation is neither economic development nor scientific.

Analysis project.When oil samples are used, the safety and fire safety technical specifications on the spot shall be strictly implemented.

Dry type transformer company

Gradually, high-frequency vibration damping mechanical equipment, such as low-frequency vibration damping platform, is installed at the bottom of the dry-type transformer, which can reduce the downward dispersion of the vibration of the dry-type transformer. Then replace the connection between the dry-type transformer and the surrounding engineering buildings, roads, etc. with flexible connection, or use elastic yellow shock absorption mechanical equipment to prevent the vibration from spreading according to the rigid connection. If possible, the dry-type transformer room can also be soundproofed and decorated, and sound-absorbing plates and silencing shutters can be used to improve the soundproofing capacity of the dry-type transformer room.

JanjalamDry type transformer industry rankingHow to improve production efficiency

If the power transformer stops running for more than 72h (if the allowable time should be reduced when the ambient humidity is & amp; gt; 95%), it should be insulated before putting into use, and accurately measured with a 2500V grounding megger. The insulation resistance from the primary side to the secondary side and the ground should be ^ 300mfl, the insulation resistance from the secondary side to the ground should be ^ 100mh, and the insulation resistance from the iron core to the ground should be & amp; gt; 5mfl (note that the grounding device piece should be removed).

Quality risk.35kV and above & plusmn; No load of rated voltage; Part of the circuit breaker of the tap power switch is installed in the phenolic resin insulating paper cylinder, and the insulating paper cylinder is installed on the wooden frame. The actual operation rocker is connected with the dynamic circuit breaker of the tap power switch according to the wooden insulating rod. The on load tap off power switch is insulated from the ground by the insulating paper cylinder of the power switch itself and the insulating limit.

The appropriate power saving calculation formula should be derived from the following process: active power loss of large capacity transformer: load of large capacity transformer; PDK - short-circuit fault loss of large capacity transformer, kW. Active power loss of small capacity transformer: when a pump room is in normal operation two pumps are started separately, and each pump is driven by 100kW motor, so the usual load is 200 KW, CST = 0. One 750kva transformer was originally configured, and the capacity utilization rate introduced by the transformer manufacturer is only 34%

Equipped with a temperature controller, platinum thermistor (pt10) is placed beside the embedded hole on the top of the low-voltage solenoid coil to test the winding resistance temperature rise of the transformer,JanjalamTotally enclosed oil immersed transformer, stop the cooling centrifugal fan,JanjalamStructure of 35 kV oil immersed transformer, set up common problem alarm, and provide reliable overvoltage protection machinery and equipment for the dry test transformer, so as to test the safety performance of the transformer operation.

Janjalam.For the leakage that has already occurred, find the leakage point first, which can not be ignored. For the position with serious leakage, shovel or sharp punch can be selected. The leakage point can be riveted with special tools for metal materials. After manipulating the leakage, the treatment surface shall be cleaned and tidy. Polymer composite materials are mostly selected for dry consolidation. After dry consolidation, the goal of long-term treatment of leakage can be achieved.

When checking the hook core, the insulation of the electromagnetic coil and the porcelain sleeve is usually accidentally damaged. After the shell of the pottery is broken, if you work again, turn on the photo flash when it's light, and it's short when it's heavy. Therefore, please pay attention during maintenance. It is not necessary to destroy the insulation. After maintenance, experts can inspect special tools, parts, insulation, etc. and deliver them after they are determined to be complete and reliable.

Noise dispersion of dry-type transformer