AltamuraCargo hydraulic lifting platformHow to properly maintain

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Introduction to Fixed Boarding Bridge Loading and unloading Mobile Boarding Bridge is a very common structural form in modern logistics sites. It is the point and endpoint of the enterprise logistics chain and a loading and unloading operation platform for enterprises to quickly and turnover products and goods. The height of the loading and unloading operation platform is fixed, but there is always a certain height difference or gap between the transportation vehicles and the loading and unloading platform due to the height of the carriage. Causing the forklift to be unable to enter and exit the transportation vehicle for direct loading and unloading of goods. Use the boarding bridge to provide reliable connections. Enable forklift trucks to quickly enter and exit transportation vehicles for loading and unloading operations.

The lifting stage can achieve the lifting of a double-layer tabletop. It can also be pieced into a stepped, multi scenic, and multi-level staircase as needed,

Altamura.For lifting platforms without manned protection, it is strictly prohibited to carry people during use. At the same time, attention should be paid during use to prevent damage to hands, feet, and clothing.

Once again, weekly inspections should be conducted to check whether the connecting screws at various parts of the lifting platform are tightened, whether the sealing rings are damaged or ineffective, whether there is a lack of hydraulic oil, and whether the oil cylinder is leaking. It is necessary to clean the lifting frame, scissors, wiring, and oil cylinder once a week to avoid dust and debris affecting normal operation.

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If there are problems inside the elevator and electrical professionals are present, any components of the hydraulic system should be disassembled and repaired in a completely depressurized condition.

When the motor overheats, it should be stopped immediately, and after troubleshooting, it should continue to operate. The motor bearings should be in good condition.

AltamuraCargo hydraulic lifting platformHow to properly maintain

Function: Convenient unloading, and low maintenance cost. Suitable for various vehicles on loading and unloading sites and places with relatively busy traffic. Loading and unloading platforms, lifting platforms, and unloading platforms: anti slip devices: This device is welded from steel plates and can effectively achieve anti slip function, which is reliable.

When a hydraulic lifting platform malfunctions, it is necessary to take time to prepare accordingly. At this time, it is necessary to provide timely feedback or communicate with the manufacturer. If a voltage range is used to detect the hydraulic lifting platform, the voltage value can be measured, and the voltage value can also understand where the fault point is. Therefore, in this case,AltamuraFixed electric hydraulic lifting platform, it is necessary to learn to analyze.

For customers to use and operate the lifting platform for a long time, the editor briefly introduces how to maintain and repair the lifting platform: First of all normal maintenance is mainly focused on prevention, especially if any damage or malfunction is detected and corrected or repaired in a timely manner. Careful inspection and maintenance at this time can save costs and avoid larger problems, resulting in costly repairs.

Discount.A complete lifting platform accessory can be selected and customized according to different places, venues, and environmental usage conditions. Meet the needs of different users. So why lifting platforms can be used and installed in so many industries and places is because they can achieve multi-purpose, demonstrate multifunctional, meet various different needs, and win market demand. In modern industrial transportation processes lifting platforms have begun to play an increasingly important role, whether in airports, docks, warehouses, floors,AltamuraLoading and unloading hydraulic platform, workshops and other places that require rapid loading and unloading of goods,AltamuraHydraulic flipping lifting platform, they have played a very practical value, It has also brought great contributions to the entire industry and even the entire economic development. However, long-term operation and use of these devices inevitably lead to wear and consumption, and regular maintenance and upkeep are essential. Otherwise both work efficiency and utilization rate will decrease, and at that time, the gains and losses will outweigh the losses.

Remove and disassemble the lowering valve, blow the valve core clean with compressed air, and then reinstall it.

Due to the fact that the power unit of the hydraulic lifting platform requires an oil source, its structure is relatively complex, and it also has a certain degree of pollution and impact on the environment. The speed of the moving device is relatively fast, making it difficult to meet the design requirements for speed. The structure of the electric rod is very simple, occupies small space, but does not have a price advantage. Therefore, a power source is used as the lifting power source, The DC motor is directly transmitted to other mechanical devices through a reducer for deceleration.

AltamuraCargo hydraulic lifting platformHow to properly maintain

Troubleshooting: When the elevator power light is turned on, press the up button, the motor rotates, but the lifting platform does not rise. This may be due to the reversal of the motor after the three-phase power supply is connected, just change the two phase wires of the heavy machine.

resources.Maintenance time regulations for hydraulic elevators: After 1500 hours of daily maintenance of the elevator, repair the mechanical and electrical systems.

The above detailed introduction, I believe everyone has a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the use of hydraulic elevators, it is well known that manufacturers generally consider manufacturing costs when pricing. and

Altamura.Function: Convenient unloading, strong stability, and low maintenance cost. Suitable for various vehicles on loading and unloading sites and places with relatively busy traffic. Loading and unloading platforms, lifting platforms, and unloading platforms: anti slip devices: This device is welded from steel plates and can effectively achieve anti slip function, and tighten it if there is any looseness

Outdoor elevators and factory cargo elevators are heavy lifting mechanical equipment. Outdoor elevators are used for transporting goods between floors of buildings, and are specialized hydraulic cargo elevator products. They are mainly used for transporting goods up and down between various working floors; Vertical garage and car lift between garage floors. The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with anti fall and overload protection devices, and operation buttons can be set on each floor and lifting platform workbench to achieve multi-point operation.