FerraraBuy hydraulic boarding bridgeHow to solve problems in the industry

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FerraraMoving the boarding bridge,

Shake the handle to raise the boarding bridge to the height of the container.

Nowadays, the electric hydraulic boarding bridge has become a loading and unloading tool used by many companies. Compared to many friends, I am still not very familiar with electric hydraulic boarding bridges. Below, the editor will explain the product parameters and specifications related to the length, slope, and height of the electric hydraulic boarding bridge.

Ferrara.On a moving steel structure slope, forklifts can also directly enter the interior of truck carriages for bulk loading and unloading operations. Fast loading and unloading of goods can be achieved with only one person operating and without the need for power supply.

When it comes to fixed hydraulic boarding bridges, sometimes poor hydraulic oil can also cause noise on the hydraulic boarding bridge as well as noise when the pump station enters the air.

The pressure on the axle will reduce the service life of the boarding axle.

There is a flip plate at the top of the bridge deck, which is placed at the edge of the carriage to ensure a smooth transition between the passage and the carriage. Its advantages are as follows.

FerraraBuy hydraulic boarding bridgeHow to solve problems in the industry

The hydraulic lifting boarding bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function allows a bridge to be built between the truck and the cargo platform in the warehouse. Forklifts and other handling vehicles can directly enter the truck for batch loading and unloading of goods, and single person operations can achieve fast loading and unloading of goods. Reduce a large amount of labor, improve work efficiency, and achieve greater economic benefits for enterprises.

Check the rollers, and bearings; Oil cylinder pin and bearing; Equality and wear of the hinge shaft and bearings of the boom; Add oil to the above components for maintenance of outdoor elevators and factory elevators. Extend the service life of bearings. Professional axle manufacturers and other special products, 20 year old brand, with price advantages and guaranteed quality

The electronic operation is very simple. With just one button, the air conditioning panel will automatically rise. Release the button, adjust the plate to reduce itself, and the hinge is used on the truck.

recommend.The length of the electric hydraulic boarding bridge is generally about 10 meters, and the bearing weight varies depending on the tonnage. It is 10500mm for 6 tons,FerraraTelescopic boarding bridge, and 11300m for 10 tons. It is very suitable for placement on the ground in open spaces.

During excavation, if unidentifiable items or unforeseeable situations are found, the operation should be stopped in a timely manner and reported to the person in charge of the hydraulic boarding bridge for handling. The fixed boarding bridge is an auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading in conjunction with the storage platform. This equipment is integrated with the platform and can be adjusted up or down according to the different heights of the truck carriage, making it convenient for forklifts to enter the carriage. The equipment adopts an imported hydraulic pump station with anti rolling skirts on both sides, making work safer and improving work efficiency.

The pressure on the axle will reduce the service life of the boarding axle.

FerraraBuy hydraulic boarding bridgeHow to solve problems in the industry

To ensure that the hydraulic boarding bridge is in good condition, it should be checked in advance before use, mainly including whether the buttons are effective; Whether the power cord and socket are intact; Whether the oil pipeline is intact; The stability of the guardrail; The tightness of bolts at each junction point; The appearance quality is intact. But when the power is turned on and the indicator light is on, press the up button, the motor rotates but the lifting table does not rise. This may be due to the reverse connection of the three-phase power supply and the motor reversing. Only the power supply needs to be corrected, so it is not a major problem.

Quality Assurance.The precautions during the use of hydraulic boarding bridges are hoped to be helpful to you.

Application of hydraulic boarding bridges: Hydraulic boarding bridges can be widely used in docks, platforms, warehouses, etc. according to user needs. Special designs can be made in terms of external dimensions, load, etc. The fixed boarding bridge is installed on the side of the cargo platform, flush with the ground and side of the cargo platform. The bridge deck of a fixed boarding bridge can tilt up and down, and its outer end can be higher or lower than the plane of the cargo platform, making it equal to the height of the carriage. There is a flip board at the top of the bridge, which automatically attaches to the edge of the carriage ensuring a smooth passage between the cargo platform and the carriage.

As we all know

Ferrara.During the application process of hydraulic boarding bridges, it is necessary to follow the operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. What precautions should we take when using hydraulic boarding bridges?

Embedded boarding bridge, as the name suggests, refers to the boarding bridge embedded in the loading and unloading operation platform. The installed boarding bridge main board surface is horizontal with the upper plane of the loading and unloading operation platform. Completely integrated into the platform, it will not affect other operational tasks on the platform without loading and unloading operations. The boarding bridge with this type of structure is widely used and is also a relatively fast boarding auxiliary device. Its design is usually fully standardized as early as the structural design of buildings. We are a long-term manufacturer of boarding bridges. Welcome to inquire

The reason for the natural descent of the hydraulic boarding bridge lifting platform is that the one-way valve is leaking, the lowering valve is not tightly sealed, and the oil cylinder is leaking. Solution: Check the one-way valve in the valve group. If dirt is found on the sealing surface of a single valve, clean the one-way valve. Check if the lowering valve has power. If there is power troubleshoot the lowering valve itself or replace the lowering valve. The slide valve of the lowering valve must be kept clean and move flexibly.