OldenburgIntelligent hydraulic lifting platformSeveral major misunderstandings of maintenance

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Hydraulic loading elevators must strictly carry out load-bearing operations in accordance with regulations. Otherwise, it may harm people and objects!

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Oldenburg.For lifting platforms without manned protection, it is strictly prohibited to carry people during use. At the same time, attention should be paid during use to prevent damage to hands, feet, and clothing.

Regularly check whether the operation of each mechanism is normal and whether there is any noise. If any faults are found, they must be promptly eliminated.


High stability of manufacturing materials. Usually, manufacturers can choose a variety of manufacturing materials when producing fixed loading and unloading platforms, and each material brings different effects when used. For many manufacturers, in order to improve the stability of loading and unloading platforms during use, they attach great importance to the selection of manufacturing materials. Generally, materials with high stability will be used as much as possible, as such materials can achieve better results in application.

For customers to use and operate the lifting platform for a long time the editor briefly introduces how to maintain and repair the lifting platform: First of all, normal maintenance is mainly focused on prevention, especially if any damage or malfunction is detected and corrected or repaired in a timely manner. Careful inspection and maintenance at this time can save costs and avoid larger problems, resulting in costly repairs.

OldenburgIntelligent hydraulic lifting platformSeveral major misunderstandings of maintenance

When the motor overheats, it should be stopped immediately, and after troubleshooting, it is necessary to regularly check all wires and cables used to ensure that there is no damage. When there is wrapping or damage, the parts should be replaced in a timely manner. I believe many people have encountered overheating in electric motors. In this case, it is necessary to stop the motor in a timely manner, and then troubleshoot the problem before continuing to use it. This way, the motor shaft can be used and the effect is good.

When conducting high-altitude operations on dangerous edges such as roofs, suspension bridges, slopes, or cliffs, or safety belts or ropes should be used.

Meticulous workmanship.Check the hydraulic oil quality and level. When the lifting platform is raised to a high position, the hydraulic oil level should be 40-50 millimeters higher than the bottom of the oil tank. When the color of the hydraulic oil darkens, the oil becomes sticky, or there are foreign objects such as gravel in the oil,OldenburgHydraulic lifting platform lifting, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in a timely manner. The hydraulic system of the lifting platform should be checked for hydraulic and pipeline connections. If the pipeline is damaged, it should be replaced immediately; When there is looseness in the connection part, tighten the pipe joint.

Maintenance time regulations for hydraulic elevators: After 1500 hours of daily maintenance of the elevator, repair the mechanical and electrical systems.

Check the rollers intermediate shafts,OldenburgLifting platform lifting hydraulic pressure, and bearings; Oil cylinder pin and bearing; Equality and wear of the hinge shaft and bearings of the boom; Add oil to the above components for maintenance of outdoor elevators and factory elevators. Extend the service life of bearings.

OldenburgIntelligent hydraulic lifting platformSeveral major misunderstandings of maintenance


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Therefore, when making a selection, it is necessary to choose based on its model and also according to the working environment. So what are the characteristics of hydraulic lifting platforms?

The reduction gearbox, gearbox, external gear teeth, and other parts, as well as the hydraulic oil, are all carried out according to the requirements in the table.

Oldenburg.When using the elevator, we should immediately stop using it to avoid serious damage to the elevator.

Hydraulic loading elevators must strictly carry out load-bearing operations in accordance with regulations. Otherwise,OldenburgSix degrees of freedom hydraulic platform, it may harm people and objects!

Due to the fact that the power unit of the hydraulic lifting platform requires an oil source its structure is relatively complex, and it also has a certain degree of pollution and impact on the environment. The speed of the moving device is relatively fast, making it difficult to meet the design requirements for speed. The structure of the electric rod is very simple, occupies small space, but does not have a price advantage. Therefore, a power source is used as the lifting power source, The DC motor is directly transmitted to other mechanical devices through a reducer for deceleration.