WittenElectric aluminum alloy elevatorWhat are the uses

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Firstly, the maintenance process should be carried out on the premise of ensuring the safety of staff. Before repairing the aluminum alloy elevator, the power must be disconnected, and the power must be verified and hung up; No power transmission, people working&# quo; Identification plate for. During the maintenance process it is not allowed to disconnect the grounding wire of the aluminum alloy elevator. If it is necessary for maintenance work, after the maintenance is completed, the grounding wire must be connected before the power test can be conducted. When replacing spare parts for aluminum alloy elevators, it is necessary to ensure that the spare parts are intact and of the same model. Items such as valves and seals should be placed in dry and dust-free packaging. When hydraulic aluminum alloy elevator maintenance requires entering the platform for internal work, after the aluminum alloy elevator is lifted the working surface of the aluminum alloy elevator must be fixed or supported firmly with a crane or other equipment, gearbox, external meshing gear and other parts, as well as the hydraulic oil, are all carried out according to the requirements in the table. We provide various aluminum alloy elevator manufacturers to individuals and enterprises nationwide for a long time, with on-site settlement and honest operation. We have offices in various regions and can cooperate for a long time

Witten.With the continuous development of various industries, aluminum alloy elevators are increasingly trusted and widely used by customers. Aluminum alloy elevators use high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy materials which have beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, flexible operation, and convenient implementation. The advantages of smooth lifting, safety and reliability. Its appearance allows for high lifting capacity in extremely small spaces. Widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, cinemas, exhibition halls,WittenFour column aluminum alloy hydraulic lifting platform, and other places, it is a good safety partner for maintenance equipment, painting decoration, changing lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance, and other purposes.

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.Each box, etc. should be kept clean regularly and dust on electrical equipment should be promptly cleaned.

Is the power source noise abnormal during the lifting process of the aluminum alloy elevator?

Check if the power supply voltage is below the allowable value.

WittenElectric aluminum alloy elevatorWhat are the uses

Secondly, frequent voltage instability can directly burn out the power unit motor. The consequences of motor burning are very serious, which can lead to an instant decrease in pressure. If the equipment is not equipped with safety devices such as relief valves or explosion-proof valves, it can cause the lifting equipment to fall, leading to accidents. At the same time, replacing a new power unit also requires a certain cost.

According to performance, it can be divided into a new generation of mobile aluminum alloy elevators,WittenSingle column aluminum alloy elevator, which are newly designed and use new aluminum alloy profiles. Due to the high strength of the profiles, the deflection of the lifting platform is extremely small.

It is strictly prohibited to damage the elevator. Brake fluid has a damaging effect on the paint film of aluminum alloy elevators. It can quickly dissolve the paint film. Simultaneously. Brake fluid is also harmful to the eyes. It is reminded that if it splashes into the eyes,WittenDouble masted aluminum alloy lifting platform, it must be immediately rinsed with clean water.

production costs.Test run or use completed. The aluminum alloy elevator and site must be cleaned. When closing the aluminum alloy elevator cover or other assembly cover. Items such as tools, rags, and removed parts should be checked for forgetting. After confirming that there are no errors. Only then can it be closed.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited, and ongoing high-altitude operations should also be terminated if feeling unwell.

When encountering overheating in the motor, it is necessary to stop it in a timely manner and continue running after troubleshooting. The motor bearings should be in good condition.

WittenElectric aluminum alloy elevatorWhat are the uses

Aluminum alloy elevators are a product of modern high-altitude operations. During their development, the performance and quality of aluminum alloy elevators have continuously strengthened, becoming the main force of modern high-altitude operations. So, disassembling, and adjusting the rotating mechanism, it is important to ensure that the centerline of the reducer of the rotating mechanism is parallel to the centerline of the gear, and its meshing surface is not less than 70%. The meshing clearance should be suitable.

Three masts aluminum alloy elevator: Three sets of masts support the operation platform for synchronous lifting and the support structure is the same as a single masts platform. It has a super large load capacity and the working stability of a multi pillar aluminum alloy elevator. The overall lifting guardrail device has good strength and greatly reduces the height of the entire machine during transportation. It is very convenient for loading and unloading, and can be assembled or disassembled in one lift. The elevator has a strong load-bearing capacity and is suitable for two people (who can carry a certain amount of weight tools and materials) to climb high at the same time; Various non-standard products can also be customized according to different environments to meet different needs.

Aluminum alloy elevators play an important role in handling, construction, and other operations, providing convenient transportation equipment. More and more aluminum alloy elevators are being put into use in the market, but unstable voltage during use can have a certain impact on aluminum alloy elevators.

Witten.Pay attention to checking each steel wire rope for broken wires and loose strands. If it exceeds the relevant regulations, telescopic balance circuits, variable amplitude balance circuits, emergency lowering systems, etc. In order to prevent sudden damage to the hydraulic system or pipelines of the platform due to accidents, and to ensure that the workbench does not experience situations that endanger the safety of personnel and equipment such as sudden arm fall or workbench overturning, we have designed different solutions for each system according to its different conditions.

Each box, distribution box, etc. should be kept clean regularly and dust on electrical equipment should be promptly cleaned.