Wieden Hydraulic boarding bridgeWhat are the applicable industries and functional characteristics

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These are the options for hydraulic oil for mobile boarding bridges.

There is a lot of noise generated when using a mobile hydraulic boarding bridge. So, where are these noises caused? In fact, pump stations,Wieden Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge, steel cylinders, and steel equipment are all sources of noise. Today we will analyze for you: 1. The boarding bridge is already a very visible structural form in modern logistics sites. It is the point and endpoint of the enterprise logistics chain, and a loading and unloading operation platform for enterprises to quickly and safely turnover products and goods. The height of the loading and unloading operation platform is fixed, but there is always a certain height difference or gap between the transportation vehicles and the loading and unloading platform due to the height of the carriage. Causing the forklift to be unable to enter and exit the transportation vehicle for direct loading and unloading of goods. Use the boarding bridge to provide reliable connections. Enable forklift trucks to safely and quickly enter and exit transportation vehicles for loading and unloading operations. After hearing the noise from the hydraulic boarding bridge, first check if there are any problems with the hydraulic pump station, motor, valve, and fixing device, and if the noise is caused by its vibration.

Wieden .Keep the hydraulic boarding bridge system clean: regularly replace the oil and filter. Good hydraulic oil contains various additives that can prevent oil deterioration or blockage of system components. However, these additives will lose their effectiveness after a period of time. Therefore, the oil should be replaced regularly to ensure that the additives are effective. The filter can only absorb a limited number of dirt particles and other impurities from the oil. Replace the filter according to the recommended cycle to keep the system clean.

The pressure on the axle will reduce the service life of the boarding axle.

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During the application process of hydraulic boarding bridges, it is necessary to follow the operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. What precautions should we take when using hydraulic boarding bridges?

Common&quo; Streamline” Open joint planning, with a welding area more than three times that of other traditional pipeline joints, greatly extending the service life and protection life.

Wieden Hydraulic boarding bridgeWhat are the applicable industries and functional characteristics

The reason for the natural descent of the hydraulic boarding bridge lifting platform is that the one-way valve is leaking, the lowering valve is not tightly sealed, and the oil cylinder is leaking. Solution: Check the one-way valve in the valve group. If dirt is found on the sealing surface of a single valve clean the one-way valve. Check if the lowering valve has power. If there is power, the workbench must be absolutely clean. Check the condition of the tools used. They should also be very clean.

There are three movable boards on both sides of the air conditioning board, which can effectively prevent the adjustment board from falling down and keep the pressure foot in a safe state.

Convenient and efficient.The hydraulic boarding bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment for achieving rapid loading and unloading of goods, and is our good helper. However, malfunctions during use are inevitable. What should we do when encountering a malfunction?

During excavation, if unidentifiable items or unforeseeable situations are found, the operation should be stopped in a timely manner and reported to the person in charge of the hydraulic boarding bridge for handling. The fixed boarding bridge is an auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading in conjunction with the storage platform. This equipment is integrated with the platform and can be adjusted up or down according to the different heights of the truck carriage, making work safer and improving work efficiency.

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Wieden Hydraulic boarding bridgeWhat are the applicable industries and functional characteristics

Check if the manual valve is open. When using, it must be opened, otherwise the boarding bridge may be damaged.

Equipment maintenance.During use, close attention should be paid to the condition of the equipment, and if there are any problems, the use should be stopped immediately.

Please check if the power supply is stable and if there is a disconnection in the circuit. If everything is checked to be normal, it should be considered whether there is built-in power

When it comes to fixed hydraulic boarding bridges I believe

Wieden .Hydraulic boarding bridges should strictly adhere to the principle of being overweight, as overloading may cause damage to objects; Working on a lifting platform without protective barriers may cause personnel to fall and cause casualties.

The user department of the hydraulic boarding bridge should scientifically analyze the equipment and reasonably determine the investment in the equipment. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the work, professional personnel should be arranged to carry out on-site maintenance and upkeep to ensure that the lifting platform truck is always in normal operation,Wieden Hydraulic boarding bridge factory, ensuring timely loading and unloading of supplied materials; The normal operation of equipment needs to be guaranteed by institutional measures, improve relevant management systems, strengthen dynamic management of equipment faults, monitor the status of key parts and analyze the patterns of faults through maintenance; It is necessary to ensure the supply of maintenance accessories, establish a spare parts warehouse for vulnerable and commonly used parts, and purchase channels to avoid situations where inadequate preparation may lead to extended downtime and increased repair costs; Users should maintain a close relationship with survival manufacturers, strengthen the professional quality and professionalism of lifting platform maintenance personnel,Wieden Automatic boarding bridge, so that they can handle faults in a short period of time.

During construction, the factors of loading and unloading operations were not taken into account. The platform type loading and unloading bridge serves as a remedial solution and can also meet the requirements for loading and unloading operations into truck carriages. The platform type boarding bridge is also designed in various structural forms according to different on-site conditions. It can also be adjusted up (below the cargo platform) or down (below the cargo platform) within a certain range, which can meet the installation and use of most loading and unloading platforms. Is the boarding bridge easy to use? The boarding bridge is an auxiliary equipment used to bridge with the freight car and is designed to solve the height difference between the freight car and the ground. Suitable for fixed or mobile loading and unloading of goods, it is actually equivalent to a slope, requiring only one person to quickly load and unload goods, which is labor-saving.